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Targeted Lending and Wells Fargo Capital Finance Partnership

$50M Credit Facility Secured

This partnership highlights how Wells Fargo actively supports Targeted Lending's commitment to providing essential liquidity to small businesses, particularly in times when lending options are scarce.

Brian Gallo, CEO of Targeted Lending, actively thanked Wells Fargo for its support, praising their innovative approach and unwavering dedication to their clients.

Stewart Hayes, Managing Director at Wells Fargo Capital Finance, looks forward to fostering the future of this relationship, focusing on helping small businesses thrive and grow through this collaboration.

The agreement cements Targeted Lending's status as a key player in the equipment finance sector, showcasing the company's longstanding commitment to tailoring innovative solutions in this industry for over 25 years.

Wells Fargo, one of the largest banks in the U.S, backing Targeted Lending strongly affirms the company's credibility. This financial boost from a traditional institution will enhance the company's profile and draw in additional clients. This acquisition will enable Targeted Lending to expand its lending portfolio, diversify, and introduce new financial products.

Our Opinion:

For Alternative Funders, this partnership poses both opportunities and challenges. It could spur growth in the alternative financing industry, given the trust and credibility boost associated with the backing of a traditional bank. However, it also highlights the need for alternative lenders to manage the risks of association and control that come with such funding solutions cautiously. Ultimately, the decision is a strategic move that will shape the future of Targeted Lending and potentially influence upcoming trends in the industry.

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